Grief therapy conference begins in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — National experts have come to Jackson to speak at a conference.

Grief Therapy Conference Begins In Jackson

The Positive Living Group is hosting a two day conference on ways to handle grief.

Over 200 clinicians and other professionals will attend the conference. The attendees will be internationally certified in grief by the end of the conference.

“So what we have here today is about, the grand total will be over 200 clinicians from West Tennessee being internationally certified in grief. So they will have an international certification in grief and loss,” said Twana Miller, the Executive Clinical Director of Positive Life Group.

Dr. Robert A. Neimeyer is the keynote speaker for the conference. He is looked very highly upon when it comes to grief therapy, having written 18 books.

He is also the director for the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition.

Grief Therapy Conference Begins In Jackson

“It is literally experiential. He is so incredibly talented, thoughtful, and compassionate in the way he allows people to experience the training. It is not just as an educator, but as someone who helps people to process what people are doing to help people going through this,” said Aimee Evans, the Advisory Board President for Positive Living Group.

Everyone in attendance is grateful to have the conference in Jackson because they are able to share experiences with their fellow professionals around the area.

Grief Therapy Conference Begins In Jackson

It is also rare for them to be able to get this experience without having to spend a great deal of money on travel.

“It’s so rare when you get caught up in a world where you’re serving people and serving people, and you’re trying to make sure you are involved in supporting people in their life experiences. It’s often that we don’t have those moments to rub shoulders and network with other professionals,” Evans said.

Families of those who have lost loved ones were invited to come to the conference where stations were set up to honor their loved ones and share memories.

The conference will conclude Thursday.

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