Boots & Bling held for women in the Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. — An event called Boots & Bling gave women a chance to get out and have some fun while leaving the men at home.

“I feel like when you’re with all girls, you don’t have that sense of having to worry about someone dancing with you or your significant other. You just know that you have that one friend to bring out on the dance floor and come out with you and dance,”

While at the event, guests could enjoy food, music, dancing, a mechanical bull, and more.

“This event has quite the reputation. Women have been coming to it for years, and we were super excited when we announced that we were doing this again. So the community aspect is great, the education aspect is great, and it’s just really fun. Everybody has a good time leaving the men at home,”

The education aspect Clark is referring to was one major reason for the event.

This is the ninth one, and it is presented by the West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center and West Tennessee Women’s Center.

The money made from ticket sales will benefit a multitude of projects Friends of Heart is working on.

One of these is 4-Minute City. It’s a plan to distribute AEDs to residents in Jackson for cardiac arrest response.

Another project funded by this event is Friends of Heart’s youth EKG project for student athletes in the Hub City.

“You could be born with several things that are wrong with your heart and not know it until something really bad happens. If you do an EKG, that’s going to detect about seven or eight things that could be wrong with you that you don’t know. But those are not part of a state mandated physical. So we are just wanting to look and see if we can find something that might need to be addressed before there’s an actual problem,”

Over the summer, Friends of Heart will continue to set up more youth EKG screenings. These screenings have already been piloted at North Side High School.

Boots and Bling was held at Hub City Brewing.

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