BBB warns of urn supply scam, gift card use

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Better Business Bureau has a few scams you should look out for.

Many consumers may get a gift card for the holidays or a special occasion, but what happens to those cards when the business goes bankrupt?

First, if you can, use the gift card immediately after it’s purchased.

And if a store has gone out of business, the first thing you can do is attempt to buy items off the store’s website.

And if you live in Jackson and plan on ordering keepsakes for deceased loved ones, beware of Mid-South Urn Supply.

According to the BBB, multiple people have been scammed and experts say to do your research and avoid quick purchase decisions.

“When you’re in the market of buying something new, check the other prices if you’re seeing that the object or something that you want is a little bit up in the prices. And I’m talking about well over $500 and you see someone lowball it for close to under $200 is definitely a red flag,” said Toddnetta Trice, the with the BBB of the Mid-South.

If you’re a victim of a scam, you can contact the Better Business Bureau at (901) 759-1300.

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