GALLERY: First ever winery opened in local county

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — A local county welcomed its first winery on Friday.

Forty Cannons Winery is located on the grounds of Stillwaters Farm in Henderson.

They’re a small, boutique-type winery specializing in small vintage wines with a decidedly Caribbean flair.

Forty Cannons Winery is fully licensed and is a historic and groundbreaking business.

“I am about an 11th generation descendent of a very famous pirate who captained a ship called the Queen Anne’s Revenge. The Queen Anne’s Revenge was outfitted with forty cannons, and that’s where we got our name,” said Valeria Pitoni, the owner of Forty Cannons Winery.

The winery is open by appointment only.

You can reach out via Facebook to find more information on how to book. You can also call the farm line at (731) 989-4251.

The opening was attended by Laura Swanson, the Director of Tennessee Wines. She shared that this new business is now part of the Tennessee Wine Trail.

The trail has 78 wineries for you to satisfy your call for a wine adventure.

What better way to celebrate Tennessee Wine and Grape Month than by visiting them?

Tennessee has worked hard to grow into a major agri-business.

According to the Tennessee Wines website, the growth and production of the wine industry stretches from Memphis in the west to Mountain City in the east, with major concentrations in Sevier, Lewis, and Davidson counties.

“It’s not only a family affair, but it also contributes to the economic impact of the city, the county, and the state that those wineries are in,” Swanson said.

Tennessee has grown from 24 wineries in 2001 to more than 90 winery licenses today.

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