Poppy Honor Wall returns to D.C. for Memorial Day weekend

JACKSON, Tenn. — The USAA’s Poppy Honor Wall has returned to Washington, D.C. for Memorial Day weekend.

Standing nine feet high and stretching 133 feet, the wall is filled with 645,000 poppies, representing American servicemembers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

John Bird, U.S. Navy Vice Admiral (Ret.) and Senior Vice President of Military Affairs, tells us the poppy has been the international symbol of remembrance since World War I.

Bird says by using #PoppyInMemory on social media, those unable to visit the wall in-person can still show their respects.

“We have a panel on the back side of the wall that is picking up social media and updating as people do posts, so I would encourage people to do that on social media,” Bird said. “And of course even if you can’t do that, take time on this weekend, Memorial Day, to reflect on the meaning of it and remembering that those men and women gave up their dreams so that we can enjoy ours.”

For more information on the Poppy Memorial Wall, visit USAA.com/MemorialDay.

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