West Tennessee church vandalized Wednesday night

MCKENZIE, Tenn. —┬áThe Obion River Baptist Association Church headquarters in McKenzie was vandalized on Wednesday night.

The vandal, or vandals, did a tremendous amount of damage inside of the church.

Marvin Mercer, the acting moderator of the Obion River Association, said that the person or persons poured paint and chemicals throughout the entire inside of the church, including the halls and backrooms.

He said they also turned over and destroyed the pulpit, caused a lot of damage in the back part of the sanctuary, and damaged the ceiling and ripped out the speakers.

Mercer explained that activities within the church will be at a different location while damages are being repaired.

“We’re probably going to be meeting in the cafeteria, which is across the street. We have three different buildings that are on the grounds here. This is the main building. Then we have the cafeteria and the two combined buildings that is across the street from the main building,” Mercer said.

He expressed his disappointment and frustration over the incident, and cannot believe that this person or persons could destroy a place of worship.

Mercer believes that the person or people responsible for the destruction could be targeting multiple places of faith.

“Those churches that are surrounding this building and in McKenzie, be on the lookout for things like this happening. I do not think that this is just a one-time stationary thing,” Mercer said.

According to McKenzie police, they are investigating the incident. The investigation remains ongoing.

If you have any information on this vandalism, call the McKenzie Police Department at (731) 352-2265.

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