Baseball is back in the Hub City and so are the fans

JACKSON, Tenn.– When the gates opened, fans began pouring in to catch the very first Jackson Rockabillys’ home game with the Cape Catfish from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. One fan, Terry Moore said he wanted to come out to see the new players in hopes they will move up to the major league.

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“I’ve been waiting for this night to come, me and another coaching buddy of mine, he’s on his way and his family and we want to wish these guys the best,” said Moore.

Marty Hurst, says that he has been a fan for almost 15 years. He says he remembered when the stadium was host to the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx, then the Jackson Generals, and now the Rockabillys. He made a pre-game prediction that the Rockabillys would win by 5 and they would win the majority of their games this season.

“I got my shirt last winter. Then I came down earlier in the spring and got my cap,” said Hurst

We also spoke with Aaron Livingston and Connor Reeves, two friends excited to get out and enjoy watching the games. Livingston said he was truly excited for the new team and he also shared a reason why he appreciates the Rockabillys.

“The Rockabillys have done a great job at local tradition and bringing in a heart-felt team,” said Livingston

Reeves says he hasn’t been to a professional baseball game in Jackson in years and he is more than ready to see the Rockabillys play.

“I am so happy to be here it has been just an awesome day. I’m so excited to see the Rockabillys just knock it out of the park. You know what I mean?” said Reeves.

Before the game, Mayor Scott Conger unveiled the new scoreboard to the fans.


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