Hunter Hawes named as May 2023 Hub City Hero

JACKSON, Tenn. — Hunter Hawes, a teacher at Jackson-Central Merry Middle School, has been named as the May 2023 Hub City Hero.

A Paducah, Kentucky native, Hawes made his home with his wife in Jackson after attending Union University.

Hawes teaches language arts at JCM Middle, where he co-implemented the “Extraordinary Shake” program, known as a high-stakes competition for students to showcase professionalism and communication skills.

Hawes’ nominator stated over the past two years, they’ve witnessed him “pour his soul into teaching and loving his students” and that he “truly has a heart for the children.”

His nominator also added that they’ve witnessed him inspire students with confidence and growth.

Hawes stated he believes a lot of people underestimate the youth in the community, and that moving into the midtown area coincided with the start of his teaching career.

“When I was first getting into teaching [my wife and I] lived in midtown and JCM just opened up, and I wanted to be part of something exciting,” said Hawes. “So I thought what better way than to teach the [students] that are around me.”

“Our local educators have a vital role in the growth of our communities through their reach with students inside and outside the classroom,” said Mayor Scott Conger. “Hunter made Jackson his home and committed himself to seeing his students succeed. That is the mark of a hero.”

Click here to learn more about the City of Jackson’s Hub City Hero program.

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