Local youth get hands-on experience at Junior Fire Camp

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Hardin County Emergency Services held a three-day camp for their local youth.

“It’s titled ‘Junior Fire Camp.’ We’re hosting it here at the fire department, but we really cover all emergency services,” said Hardin County Deputy EMA Director, LaRae Sliger.

Thursday was day one and the youth, 12 to 17, were able to learn how to do CPR and basic first aid training.

Friday was the day the kids got out in the sun.

“Today they’re going to get hands-on with the fire department, right now they’re inside with our one of our 911 dispatchers getting a little touch on 911, and then this afternoon they will get hands-on with squirting some water and playing on the fire trucks. They’re gonna get some fire extinguisher training this afternoon,” Sliger said.

“Today we’re supposed to be playing with the jaws of life, and we saved cans from yesterday and we are going to crush them,” said participant Tabitha Brewer.

On day three, parents are invited for the graduation ceremony, as skills are displayed by the kids.

A certificate and a special memento representing the kids’ experience will also be given to the youth on Saturday for the final day.

“So my dad’s a full time firefighter,” said Brewer. “And now I appreciate more that what he does than I did before. Plus he volunteers at EMS, that’s something hard to do.”

The next event for the Hardin County Fire Department will be the Summer Safety Bash on June 10, starting at 10 a.m.

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