College hosts certification workshop for minority businesses

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local nonprofit and a local college joined together.

The Jackson-Madison County African American Chamber of Commerce, with Lane College and the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce, hosted a certification workshop.

The workshop prepared minority businesses to take advantage of contracting and entrepreneurial opportunities as a result of the Blue Oval City Project.

This event was a resource for African-American business owners, partnerships, and corporations in rural West Tennessee.

Organizers say the objective was to help new and existing businesses reach their potential by using resources to connect them with major corporations, community leaders, and other business owners.

The hope was that they learn, grow and network for greater economic development and success.

“I’ve talked to a number of minority businesses and none of them have gone through this process because it’s very cumbersome. It is very complicated and very tedious. So what we wanted to do was to give them the experts who have done this in the past to allow them the opportunity to go through the certification,” said Don McCorry, the Executive Director of JMCAACC.

Minority business owners must be certified to be eligible for contracting opportunities at Blue Oval City.

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