City council talks budget during Tuesday meeting

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson City Council held a meeting Tuesday morning.

Jackson City Council

The George A. Smith meeting room was almost filled with people attending the city council meeting.

One of the first things talked about was the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2024.

It was voted on and passed nine to zero and still needs to be voted on again.

Mayor Scott Conger is really excited with where the city is at regarding their budget.

“We are still funding everything we need. All of our capitol is funded, all of our operating is funded. Because we have worked hard over the last three years to build our fund balance to a healthy level, we are able to fund those capitol needs through our fund balance, from the savings that we had. Just like you do at home, right, you save up to purchase things instead of going into debt. So we are doing the things now that we used to have to borrow for,” Conger said.

Jackson City Council

The consideration of the fiscal year 2022 audit report was brought forward. There were two weaknesses found that are “Easily correctable.”

Conger said that those were findings that they knew about and were prepared for.

Conger was pleased with the audit. However, he was not pleased with how long it took to complete the audit. He says it affects the city on multiple levels.

“Any later and it would have affected our ability to submit a budget to the state. It would have affected our ability to receive state funds, federal funds. I think one of my conversations with them was, ‘Hey, if you all can’t get it by the end of June, am I to tell our citizens that you’re the reason we don’t get those funds and only have to fund those through local dollars?'” Conger said.

Everything brought before the council on Tuesday was passed. There will be another council meeting next month.

Watch the full meeting below:

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