GG King National Invitational kicks off Friday

COUNCE, Tenn. — Dozens of teams are preparing to grab their fishing rods and hit the water this weekend.

Teams met up to check in for the third annual GG King National Invitational on Thursday, presented by Bass Tactix Outdoors.

The fishing tournament kicks off Friday on Pickwick Lake for the two-day event.

Nearly 300 young anglers are excited to hit the water for the tournament for the chance to win large prizes.

“This weekend will be kindergarten through 12th grade, and they’re fishing for $1.2 million in cash prizes and scholarships. The winners get, on the high school side $305,000 in cash prizes and scholarships, and juniors is a $105,000 in cash prizes and scholarships,” said Richard Parker, the owner of Bass Tactix Outdoors.

Parker said everyone is invited to come out for the weigh-in starting at 3 p.m. at Pickwick Landing State Park.

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