Flag Day, US Army’s birthday marked in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Many gathered in attendance at Liberty Park in Jackson in celebration of Flag Day and the US Army’s 248th birthday.

People could be seen with flags decorating their clothing, wearing red, white and blue, or references to branches they may have served in.

And one officer shared his first encounters with the flag.

“In school we did the Pledge of Allegiance. You know, we were always taught about the flag. And of course my family growing up was respecting the flag and things like that,” said Chad Hornsby, Staff Sgt. at the Army Jackson Recruiting Office.

The Pledge of Allegiance conducted during this flag ceremony actually had an 11-year-old lead the charge.

“I love being a part of the program because the VVA is really close to home because I had a family member who was in Vietnam, and he passed away. But yeah, it really close to home, makes me feel happy,” said Alyvia Baxter, a program participant.

During the ceremony, attendees also remembered those that had fallen and fought for the freedoms of our country.

“People sacrificed their lives to make our country free and get where people have a voice, and can be free, and live free,” Baxter said.

“You know, been overseas and different things like that. And we’ve gone with that flag. I’ve had the flag on my shoulder for almost 16 years now. I’ve done funeral details for veterans where I folded the flag and presented it to the family,” Hornsby said.

The ceremony ended with everyone in attendance showing great respect for the flag and the military as a whole, with heartfelt words and fellowship.

“Anybody is interested in joining the Army, they can come see us down in the 1000 Vann Drive. We love to sit down and talk to people and share the knowledge of the Army and the benefits that are available,” Hornsby said.

If you would like to see the flags that have been set up, you can also visit the Freedom Walking Trail at Liberty Park.

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