Hannah Perrigin crowned Miss Volunteer America 2024

JACKSON, Tenn.– One woman realizes her dream to become Miss Volunteer America.

She  tells us how she made this dream a reality.

51 of the most talented women in America and the District of Columbia competed on one of the biggest stages to be crowned the coveted title of Miss Volunteer America.

After three nights of preliminaries, followed by one more final night of these women laying it on the line, Miss Mississippi Hannah Perrigin was crowned Miss Volunteer America 2024.

Perrigin tells us how she felt when she was announced as the new Miss Volunteer America.

“I was pretty much shell shocked when it happened. I couldn’t process it, and I do not think I still have. It’s three years in the making. I have been working diligently to become a woman who could hold a title and have a platform that reaches the entire country. I’m very very grateful,” Perrigin said.

When we asked her who she would like to thank for helping make this possible, this was her response.

“People that I would like to thank the most are team Mississippi, Mississippi Volunteer Organization. They believed in me when I did not believe in myself, and they are the reason I am here. They really encouraged me to take a chance on myself, which led me to the state title and ultimately taking home the national title of Miss Volunteer America,” Perrigin said.

Perrigin expresses her excitement on what happens next.

“Your life can just change like this, and I am wide eyed and bushy tailed for the year ahead at what we are going to accomplish,” Perrigin said.

On top of being crowned Miss Volunteer America, Perrigin also received a $50,000 scholarship.

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