BlueOval representatives host Community Impacts meeting

JACKSON, Tenn. — A meeting shares the importance of the community as a new business continues to make strides in West Tennessee.

BlueOval City, a manufacturing plant that will serve as an electric vehicle center in Stanton, is one of the companies that are putting in the effort to build something greater.

BlueOval has been hosting meetings with local community leaders, and businesses here in West Tennessee.

For Wednesday’s meeting, some of the previous community feedback was given on items residents would like to preserve, such as quality of life, farming, recreation activities, and nature.

“So we heard a lot about, you know, how do we balance development with these assets, and so that’s something that we are going to be keenly aware of, both at the regional level as well as the individual community level as we go forward,” said Drew Gaskins, TN Planning Department leader.

“We don’t want to duplicate any services, and we don’t want to do anything that these communities don’t actually need,” said Isa Reeb, Senior Urban Designer for BlueOval. “So that’s where the county needs assessments are really going to come in handy, because we will start to identify what those needs are, with all of your help.”

If you, as a resident of West Tennessee, would like to share feedback on the community you live in, you can still do so through a survey online.

“The big pieces that we hear is improving communication and making for sure that all of this information that we are working on and collecting from all the different communities is public and transparent,” Reeb said. “So just this morning we actually launched our website.”

On the website, viewers can check out the new project communications plan in-depth, state programs and grants, plus more updates as they become available.

The site will continue to grow, and some items are not currently available, but over the next few weeks you can begin to see the updated information.

Click here to access the website, or here to take the online survey.

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