Jackson Planning commission meets, discusses zoning ordinance

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson Municipal Regional Planning Commission met today to discuss changes to fence and hedge laws in the Hub City.

The commission is considering amending the text of the official zoning ordinance, which states where you can have hedges and fences in your yard and how tall they can be.

City of Jackson Planning Director Stan Pilant says issues have arisen where property owners were building privacy fences on the secondary front of their corner lot homes, impeding the vision of drivers while some are in violation of the law though their fences do not impede vision due to the wording of the law.

Because of this, the commission is considering changing the wording of the ordinance. Pilant gave an example of one of the changes.

“In any required front yard, no fence or wall shall be permitted which materially impedes vision across such yard above a height of 2 and a half feet and no hedge or vegetation shall be permitted that impedes vision between the height of 2 and a half to 10,” said Pilant.

According to the new consideration, home owners with corner lots would be allowed to have a privacy fence in their secondary yard as long as it does not impede vision of the road to drivers.

It was also proposed to create a new subdivision in north Jackson called Emerald Breeze subdivision.

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