Teen pageant winners honored with special event

JACKSON, Tenn.—The Miss Tennessee Volunteer Iris Teen winners are preparing to move on to the next round of competition.

We tell you more about both teens and a send off party given in their honor today.

Miss Jackson Volunteer Iris Teen, Katherine West and Miss Madison County Volunteer Iris Teen, Cacie Jo Mcneil were celebrated at a send off party held at the Jackson Chamber of Commerce Saturday.

Both teens were excited as friends, family members, and prominent figures from the community gathered to show their support for the talented young ladies.

We asked them both about their favorite parts of competing in pageants. This was their responses.

“I love competing because of the community and friendships that we get to make, and it’s a big confidence booster. This is because you are with so many girls and they uplift you no matter what. It’s just super fun being around everyone, who are girl bosses and super amazing,” said Katherine West, Miss Jackson Volunteer Iris Teen.

“I would almost say the exact same. It is the friendships. I’ve met so many new people from this organization. I grew up in this organization, and some of the people I am competing with are some of my best friends,” said Cacie Jo McNeil, Miss Madison County Volunteer Iris Teen.

The atmosphere was filled with anticipation, excitement, and hope as both teens will be competing at the Miss Tennessee Volunteer Pageant July 26 through the 29 here in Jackson at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

“We want to thank everyone for their appearances this year and for their support and their love. Thank you for coming out,” said Beth Murley, Director for Miss Jackson, Madison, and Miss Volunteer.

The winner of the Miss Teen Volunteer Pageant will go on to compete next year for the Miss Volunteer America Pageant.

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