Meeting addresses public safety in relation to Blue Oval City

JACKSON, Tenn. — A Community Impact meeting was held on Wednesday to address public safety in regards to the Blue Oval City Project.

This was one of many meetings that has taken place over the past year covering varying topics for community leaders.

“When Ford and SK announced that they were coming to the Memphis Regional Megasite, we got a lot of questions from local government leaders on how they can prepare. They had questions about everything from their sewer systems, being able to add new customers, public safety which is what we discussed today, grant funding that’s available, how to increase housing in their communities. So we’ve tried to cover that whole list of questions that the locals had to make sure they’re ready for when Ford kicks off production in 2025,” said Brooxie Carlton, Assistant Commissioner of Community and Rural Development.

There are still plans for meetings to take place once a month to continue to address any needed topics going forward.

“We have been doing them twice a month for the last year or so. Maybe a little longer than a year. We will continue to do them once a month until they are not needed anymore. That’s our plan,” Carlton said.

Carlton says there are quite a few state departments that meet regularly to go over any issues that arise and come up with plans for how they will address them.

The next meeting will take place in early August.

Past meetings have gone over housing and workforce involvement.

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