Old Country Store prepares for drive-thru service

JACKSON, Tenn.— A local restaurant makes a move to offer a new way to dine.

According to a news release, Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store just relocated the Wellwood Store to make room for a new drive-thru service. The move is just the beginning of steps needed to install the new service slated to open in late 2023.

In a statement from the release, Old Country Store GM, Brooks Shaw said, “We’ve been discussing this for more than five years and officially in the planning phases for a little more than a year now. It was something my dad, Clark, and I discussed many times, but we didn’t want to pull the trigger until we were confident in our plan to serve Guests quickly.”

The plan includes adding the drive-thru to the northside of the building, near the Dixie Cafe, and will house two service windows. The project will also include a new entrance for Dixie Cafe guests.

The City of Jackson approved the work plans for the expansion which “represents a million-dollar investment in facilities and jobs.” The expansion is the restaurant’s largest since opening their 4,000 sq. ft. kitchen in 2017.

In the release, Shaw says, “This is not only going to provide delicious Southern-Soul food with convenient service, but also will help the company continue to grow, hire great people, and reinvest in community events and activities.” He continues by saying, “At The Old Country Store, we want to provide services that make our Guests lives easier, and this is another way we can do that.”

To make room for the renovations, the Wellwood Store was moved to the south end of the restaurant and remains one of the historically significant structures in Casey Jones Village. It was originally located in Haywood Co. before moving to the village in the 2000’s. At the time, Clark Shaw purchased the store as a tribute to his late father, his father’s generation, and the Wellwood community. The store is considered by the Shaw family as what inspired the Old Country Store, especially since it is where the original Brooks Shaw found his first job.

In the release, Shaw explains his new plans for the Wellwood Store. “We’ll attach the Wellwood Store to the dining room for a private dining space that we also can use on the busiest days like Mother’s Day, Christmas Eve and some Sundays. While we can already seat and serve 300 Guests, this placement will provide comfortable seating for 50 more,” Shaw said. 

Shaw shares, “Dad not only left us a lot of great ideas, but also made sure the Old Country Store would survive and thrive after him.”

Shaw says, “We’re just getting started.” 

Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store is located at 56 Casey Jones Lane in Jackson.

For more information, visit caseyjones.com. or call (731) 668-1223.

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