Lexington martial arts school welcomes a special guest

LEXINGTON, Tenn.—A Henderson county jiu-jitsu school hosts a seminar featuring a jiu-jitsu legend from California.

It was a packed school at Borras BJJ located in Lexington with jiu-jitsu enthusiasts from all around the area excited to be a part of a special seminar taught by 8th degree coral belt master Carlos Valente, coming all the way from San Diego, California to teach.

Over the years, Master Valente has trained many of the worlds greatest jiu-jitsu and mixed martial artists with many becoming world champions.

Throughout the seminar, Master Valente shared his vast knowledge and demonstrated various techniques, emphasizing the importance of discipline and focus. He also talked about the importance of jiu-jitsu and how it can change your life. His words resonated deeply with students, leaving them feeling empowered and motivated to continue their jiu-jitsu journeys.

Jorge Borras, owner of Borras BJJ and 5th degree black belt, thanks everyone for coming out and making this seminar an unforgettable one.

“I’m super excited for Master Valente to come out from California. It’s a blessing. He is also like my father, so we spend a lot of quality time together and the techniques. It’s great to further the training,” Borras said.

If you’re interested in starting your jiu-jitsu journey, you can sign up for classes at 584 East Church Street in Lexington. You can also call the school at (731) 298-9039, and message them on Facebook or Instagram.

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