Lori Lott speaks to Old Hickory Rotary Club

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Old Hickory Rotary Club held a meeting featuring a guest speaker.

Monday’s speaker at the DoubleTree meeting was the Administrator of Elections for Madison County, Lori Lott.

President Steve Bowers says he’s grateful Lott was able to attend and give members information about the election process.

“We know about elections, but we are not very familiar with the process behind it as far as the content of the election commissioners themselves, both state and local. There was a lot of information that we picked up today I think that is of value,” Bowers said.

The Old Hickory Rotary Club has meetings every Monday featuring a guest speaker.

Upcoming guests include:

  • July 31 – James Blankenship, Broken Chains of Brownsville
  • August 14 – Steve Smith, Airport Authority

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