Day Camp powers kids to grow their abilities

JACKSON, Tenn. — Summer camps can be one of the highlights in a child’s summer vacation, but this camp is empowering them not to just to have fun but to grow their abilities.

“This is our third year here at Lane. We started a couple of years ago and the partnership is fantastic here. And we love being here,” said Erika Hughes, the Central District Day Camp Director for West Tennessee Boy Scouts of America.

This particular camp is part of Boy Scouts of America and that means that these campers — rising first through fifth graders — are not only having a fun space to be a kid but are learning valuable life skills.

“Instill those values of our Scout Law, our Scout Oath, being trustworthy and honest and respectful and helpful and courteous, and kind,” Hughes said. “The younger that they learn those values, the better off they will be as young adults and as adults with being kind in our society.”

“I like it because I have almost all my friends here, and there is a lot of people that I get to make new friends here too,” said Chloe Beachum, a camper at BSA Day Camp.

And even the junior helpers are passionate about the experience as well.

“A lot of people don’t really understand that I didn’t have to come here. I’m doing this of my own time,” said Campbell Guerin, a Youth Helper at BSA Day Camp.

Some of the interactive activities include water safety, a shooting range set up with BBS, bow and arrow, slingshots, and doing their Cub Scout Adventures, according to Hughes.

And for some kids, this Day Camp not only burned a lot of energy but lead to a deeper inspiration.

“Some kids were really happy and excited. Now today, they are just a little tired today,” Guerin said.

“Just try your best and never give up trying do something you love or trying to do something new,” Beachum said.

The Day Camp is an annual event, but BSA has various events and meetings throughout the year.

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