Princesses crowned and pageant contestants greet the public

A meet and greet was held for the upcoming Miss Tennessee Volunteer Pageant.

The Miss Tennessee Volunteer Pageant is back. Thirty-six contestants will be competing for the crown.

On Saturday, the community had the opportunity to meet the contestants as well as their Iris Princess. Each contestant was introduced on stage followed by their Iris Princess or in some cases Princesses, due to the fact that some contestants have two.

“Tonight we are having a meet and greet after the crowning of the Iris Princesses. Each one of the contestants has a princess or two and are crowned Iris Princesses. They will leave the auditorium and go upstairs to the lobby where they will sign autographs for those that have attended today,” said Sharon Regen, event hostess.

Many people were excited to see the contestants on stage as well as their Iris Princesses.

Regen tells us what to expect this week.

“Monday rehearsal really starts, and the girls are practicing for the performances that take place Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights of this week,” Regen said.

Regen thanks everyone who plays a part in this pageant every year that helps make it such a success.

“Jackson is the most welcoming community, and after being here for 25 years, I’m always excited to be here,” Regen said.

Regen, who has been a part of the Jackson pageant scene for the last 25 years, says that the first night of the pageant will begin Wednesday at 7 pm at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

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