Meet the new Miss Tennessee Volunteer, Jada Brown

JACKSON, Tenn.—A new Miss Tennessee Volunteer has been crowned.

We speak with her and find how she feels about her new title.

After 36 young women laid it all on the line for the crown, last night Jada brown was announced the winner.

We got to speak to Brown on Sunday after the historic night that she had.

When asked how did she feel when she was announced the winner, her response was that she could not believe it and still cannot believe it.

Brown said she is super excited and looks forward to getting a lot accomplished over this next year.

Brown tells us how she mentally prepared for the pageant.

“The main thing that I stuck by last night, is that I’m on God’s path and whatever path he has for me is what is going to happen,” Brown said.

On top of being Miss Tennessee Volunteer she is also the very first African American to win the title. Brown said that she is over the moon for this accomplishment and that she loves representing Lane College.

“As now the first ever African American Miss Tennessee Volunteer, I’m so excited to be that representation for our youth. To let them know that no matter where they come from, how much money they have, where they go to school, that they can achieve their goals,” Brown said.

Brown tells us one of her favorite parts about competing in this pageant was how welcoming everyone was. She said that she was kind of shy and in her shell at first, but they were not afraid to bring her along and speak to her. She said that this made her feel very welcomed.

Brown would like to thank her family, friends, and supporters. She says that she could not have done this without them.

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