National Night Out brings community members together

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Tuesday evening, citizens and law enforcement came together on a positive note.

Residents of Hardin County came out for National Night Out at the Tennessee Street Park in Savannah.

National Night Out is typically held on the first Tuesday of August, and its purpose is to enhance the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement.

“We want our community to know that we’re part of our community. We’re here. We want to talk to them, we want to hear about complaints, issues, kudos if they want to talk to us about good things going on. But mostly it’s just about being out and visiting with folks here and enjoying getting out and networking,” said Savannah Police Chief Michael Pitts.

The Savannah Police Department, along with the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office and Tennessee Highway Patrol, met with residents in celebration of the event.

Families that came out got to enjoy food, free giveaways, even some exotic animals.

“This year we’ve got our partners over at Tennessee State Parks. They’re here with some animals, some animal skins, snakes, owls, things of that nature,” Pitts said.

This yearly event aims to provide a great opportunity to bring officers and neighbors together for a fun event.

Sgt. Charles Childers says this is some of the many perks of the job as law enforcement.

“That’s one of the best parts of our job. We actually get to do this, and it’s good for the community. So this is just one night where we try to focus on that, but that’s always part of our job. And we always try to make sure that the community feels that we’re here for them. We’re servants. We try to protect them in any way that we can,” Childers said.

This is Savannah’s first National Night out post-COVID-19. The last one held was back in 2019.

Law enforcement leaders say they hope to build it bigger and better each year.

You can keep in touch with the Savannah Police Department, Hardin County Sheriff’s Department, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol on Facebook.

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