Recycling tips, best practices shared by Waste Management official

JACKSON, Tenn. — Recycling can bring new life into old materials, but there are some best practices that will help get the most out of the process.

There are many items that may seem like they are recyclable, but we know looks can be deceiving.

You should avoid recycling lithium batteries and propane tanks, and dispose them by returning them to the original retailer, according to Brent Bell, the Vice President of Recycling with Waste Management.

Ropes, extension cords, or other tanglers, along with balls, sporting equipment and bowling balls, should also be avoided in your recycling.

Now switching over to the wanted recycling items, Bell shares some objects that you can expect to have a great second life from this process.

“When it comes to bottles, cans, detergent bottles, make sure all the liquids are emptied out, but you can actually keep the caps on, those caps can be recycled,” Bell said. “We also get a lot of questions around pizza boxes, pizza boxes made out of cardboard, those go in the recycling bin, just take out that last slice of pepperoni or cheese pizza.”

Cardboard boxes are another great item to recycle, just make sure you break it down first. And if you are unsure how to present your recycling, keep in mind it should be clean, loose, and dry.

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