Jackson-Madison County open house draws in crowds

JACKSON, Tenn. — Schools across Jackson and Madison County were full of people Thursday, even though it’s still summer break.

However, these were not students, but parents.

Parents were participating in the district’s open house event, where they got to visit all the schools in the district, meet teachers, and learn more about their child’s education.

At Nova Early Learning Center in northeast Madison County, the hallways were packed with parents and students visiting their child’s classroom and teachers.

Many teachers in the school were telling parents how the average school day worked or what they expected from the parents. They also were listening to feedback.

The situation was much the same at other schools as well, like East Elementary.

Lee Ananne Doyle, a grandparent of a student who attends East Elementary, says her grandson is entering fifth grade. She listed some of the things she likes about East Elementary.

“Just everything. All the teachers in general. The principal, she is wonderful. The teachers are very understanding. They genuinely care about the children,” Doyle said.

Amber Ward, who toured South Side High School with her daughter who is a transfer student, said she was very impressed with the school. She said she appreciated how friendly and kind the staff was and adds she was grateful for the open house.

“It’s really good and it puts me at ease,” Ward said.

Jackson-Madison County schools will start back on Monday, August 7.

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