Jackson woman recounts home invasion

JACKSON, Tenn. — Police are investigating a home invasion in the Hub City.

Home Invasion

Rhonda Snider had just gotten into bed when she suddenly heard a loud bang at the door.

When she left the bedroom of her house on Brooksie Drive in north Jackson, she rounded the corner into her living room and was shocked to find what appeared to be three men standing there. Snider, who asked not to appear on camera, said she was horrified.

“They had shotguns. Well, one had a shotgun. The others had pistols and a taser,” Snider said.

The men were all dressed in dark clothing, wearing masks, and gloves. They yelled at her to hit the ground, so she dropped to the floor of her kitchen, which is connected to the living room.

This is when Snider heard one of the few words that the men spoke to her.

“And he motioned like he didn’t want me to look and I didn’t. He’s like, ‘Is anybody else here?’ And I was like, ‘Yes. He’s getting his gun.’ And they turned and ran through the doors,” she recalled.

After the men ran out of the house, Snider never saw them again. She ran to a neighbor’s house, beating on the door crying for help. The neighbor took her inside and dialed 911.

“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I don’t know what I’ve done,” Snider said.

She believes the attack seemed targeted as the men disabled the surveillance camera behind her house before breaking in.

They were even confronted by a neighbor who investigated the noise, and they told the neighbor, “We’re not here for you, we’re here for her.”

“It happened really fast, and I thank God that I’m here. God was really looking over me,” Snider said.

The police told Snider that telling the intruders she wasn’t alone likely saved her life.

The investigation is ongoing by the Jackson Police Department.

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