Seminar held to tackle addiction challenges

CAMDEN, Tenn. — Uthrive hosted its “Overcoming Addiction” seminar on Tuesday.

This event aimed to assist the Camden community in tackling addiction challenges.

The Camden Coalition conducted a survey in 2017, revealing that 50 percent of participants were actively struggling with addiction.

Uthrive is committed to organizing community events to enhance well-being and abundance.

Diana Booker, a member of Uthrive, emphasized the event’s significance in Camden.

“Collaborating with the Department of Health, we found out, and also after doing surveys in the community, that addiction was the number one problem in this area. So, we’re collaborating with the Department of Health to address that issue and provide the community with the necessary tools for overcoming it,” Booker said.

Addiction can manifest in various forms, whether through drugs or alcohol.

Director Chad Kreuzer informed guests that addiction can impact the frontal lobe.

“Certain things we do, like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, they affect the frontal lobe,” Chad Kreuzer said.

He added that addiction could potentially lead to a decrease in the number of brain cells.

Moreover, addiction poses challenges for families and loved ones.

Producer Fadia Kreuzer outlined ways families can support those struggling with addiction.

“From the family member perspective, just being there with them, if they are trying to start a new habit, do it with them,” Fadia Kreuzer said.

Uthrive plans to host another event on August 29, focusing on individuals battling depression.

The Kreuzers also recommended strategies to curb addiction cravings, including staying hydrated, maintaining physical activity, improving breathing, and engaging in prayer.

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