First board meeting of school year held Thursday

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County School Board met on Thursday.

This marks the school board’s first meeting since the commencement of the new school year.

During the session, the board recognized Madison Academic Magnet High School’s boys soccer team and track and field achievements.

The soccer team recently secured a state championship, adding to their runner-up position at the state level last year.

Additionally, an individual from the Madison track and field team earned a state championship in pole vaulting.

Sherry Franks, a board member, emphasized the significance of what they call the “three A’s”: academics, athletics, and art.

“We always aim to engage them in extracurricular activities or sports to enhance their success in academics,” Franks said.

The board also provided an update on the new Pope School, having approved an offsite work proposal.

This proposal pertains to roadwork designs leading to the entrance of the new Pope School.

According to Franks, this approval signifies moving forward with the contract for the new Pope School, advancing to the contract bidding stage.

“What we’re doing is approving the design and the funding for it. The architects will finalize the details, including road signs and other factors, after which we’ll present it to the city for validation,” Franks said.

Franks expressed that the school year is progressing well. As the week concludes, students will resume their school routines. This semester also marks the return following recent raises for teachers and supporting staff.

“By providing competitive compensation to our teachers, we can ensure retention, a key aspect in enriching the lives of students,” Franks said.

A brief update on the Oman Arena was also shared.

School board members stated, “The developmental stages are ongoing. Contracts are under consideration, and plans are being formulated to determine the arena’s direction.”

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