City of Jackson holds fourth open house

JACKSON, Tenn. — The City of Jackson held the last of four community open houses to allow residents to view the growth that will be coming to the city in the future.

The City of Jackson held a community open house Tuesday evening at Andrew Jackson Elementary School to allow the public to review proposed designs and plans for one of four master sub-area plans for the City of Jackson.

“This is for Jackson Plaza in the Old Hickory sub-area in particular. And so this includes the Service Merchandise property that the city purchased earlier this year along with the surrounding neighborhoods, small property going over across Highland a little bit – the center of the city essentially,” said Lauren Kirk, the Chief Innovation Officer, City of Jackson.

The City of Jackson is partnering with LRK, an architectural firm, along with the Greater Jackson Chamber and Madison County to bring these plans to life. The goal is to bring more density and life to the area.

“A big concept that we’re looking at for the Jackson Plaza property is potentially a multi-purpose arena that would be able to seat about 6,500 to 7,000 people. Have some conference center space, have some hotels… and then we’d like to see some mixed-use development come back to the area so maybe some apartments, restaurant/retail, community space,” Kirk said.

Now, the City of Jackson is planning on developing the final sub-area plans along with the Jackson Plaza, which include West Jackson, Airways Boulevard, and Oman Arena for the public’s review.

“Those plans will be finalized and presented publicly probably about a month from now. And then we’re also developing city-wide design guidelines that will apply, again, city-wide. So, landscaping requirements, parking requirements, signage, things like that that can sort of uplift the look of our city,” Kirk said.

Mayor Scott Conger says this plan is to build and lead the city into the future.

“I think the next phases are going to be, you know, even more exciting as you start to see the renderings come around and then we’ll talk about what that looks like, what partners are bringing to the table, management of it, operations, and things of that sort. And then also just the general impact on areas around it and how we can continue to master plan and create a better Jackson for today and tomorrow,” Conger said.

City leaders encourage Jackson residents to take their online survey to receive more feedback. You can find the link to their survey here.

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