Union University welcomes in Class of 2027


JACKSON, Tenn. — Union University welcomed the Class of 2027 by helping them move in.

This is an annual event for the university, with upperclassmen, staff, and faculty assisting incoming freshmen by moving items from their cars into their new residence halls.

Tristan Kelly, a member of Union’s cross-country team, was able to help with this event. He is also happy to have new students on campus.

“As a cross country team, we really care about the community here at Union. So, that’s something that we value, and it’s a part of our team. We try to be involved where we can, and this is one of the ways we give back to the people who support us, the people who support the programs, just to lend a helping hand,” Kelly said.

Syndie Arnolds, an upperclassman at Union, shared how she was also able to help families move in.

“I had a good amount of coffee, so I was really hyped. Someone came up to me, and they were like, ‘What did you eat this morning?’ And I was like, ‘Coffee.’ But it was great; it was a fun time,” Arnolds said.

Incoming freshman Isaac Smith, who had a late start but didn’t allow that to bring down his mood, mentioned that everyone’s energy was helpful in the moving process.

“It has been a delight to get to move in today and be welcomed by so many people who are happy to see you and are so excited about Union. It makes you excited about it and makes it feel like home. So we were a little late, but they were still waiting for us and helped us move in,” Smith said.

School leaders expressed their excitement to welcome the new students and to begin a new semester.

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