Visitors to one local winery have a stompin’ good time

HUMBOLDT, Tenn.—What’s a better way of drinking wine than making it yourself.

The Crown Winery hosted their Sixth Annual Grape Stomping competition.

Friends and families were invited from all over to help celebrate the first grape harvest with Crown Winery.

This friendly competition is hosted to see which team can produce the most grape juice in two minutes.

Owner, Dawn Fallert says that seeing others join in on the harvest celebration is fun.

“It’s just to celebrate the harvest of our grapes. We grow over twenty acres of grapes here at Crown Winery, so we just started picking them last week and so this is just something fun we do to bring in all our customers and friends and anybody who wants to see, stomp some grapes and celebrate with us,” Fallert said.

She also adds, this is a fun yet messy way people can come together and cheer each other on.

None of the grapes stomped today will go towards any bottles produced at the winery. This competition is just a fun way for people to participate in an old tradition.

Customers from all over Tennessee and even Alabama natives participated in today’s grape stomping.

“This is absolutely new for me, first time in Humboldt and first time grape stomping,” said Micah Gardner, participant.

Participants paid a fee of $50, that gave them two towels and a spot in the competition.

Winners will receive a golden bottle trophy, t-shirt, free bottle of wine and the opportunity to say they stomped grapes.

Amanda Woodard and Paul McDonald tell us how they ended up participating in this fun event.

“Yeah, we were looking for something different to do for date night and this came up and we were here last night and had a great time, and we had already registered for this, so we stayed in town. We had a lot of fun and I’m exhausted,” McDonald and Woodard said.

Those who participated said the stomping was overall slippery but also fun.

Crown Winery also had wine tasting, fresh cooked pizza, and other games for customers to enjoy while watching the competition.

To find out more about events at Crown Winery, click here to visit their Facebook.

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