New unique concept for hotel guests opens in Jackson


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JACKSON, Tenn.–A new hotel with a concept of being a home away from home is now open in Jackson.

Touted as a cross between an apartment and a hotel, the new Stay APT Suites had an open house Tuesday, previewing what it has to offer.
Guests can look forward to separate spaces for work, sleep and dining. Each suite offers a full kitchen, living area and separate bedroom.
They even provide a 4-person supply of dish ware, glassware and cookware.

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Leaders with Stay APT say this unique concept is especially attractive for guests who are working temporarily in the area.

“So Stay APT is fulfilling a need a lot of people have. They come in and they stay a month for construction work, like over at Blue Oval or they’re traveling doctors or nurses for Jackson Radiology or Jackson General..they don’t want to get an apartment and rent that and have to rent furniture and they don’t want to stay at a regular hotel because they’re eating out everyday,” said Samantha Willard, manager on duty for Stay APT Suites.

The new Stay APT Suites is located at 86 Parkstone Place, in northeast Jackson, adjacent to the Rocakbillys baseball stadium.


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