Heat continues to impact West Tennessee

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — With scorching temperatures persisting in West Tennessee, individuals are seeking ways to remain cool.

During this heatwave, it becomes crucial for all, particularly those engaged in outdoor work, sports, or activities, to exercise caution and adopt proactive measures to prevent heat-related illnesses and ensure proper hydration.

Ray Wiggington, Weakley County’s Director of Emergency Management, indicated that the county has established two cooling centers for residents. These centers commenced operations on Thursday and might potentially extend into the weekend.

One center is situated at the First United Methodist Church in Martin, while the other is located at the Personal Development Center in Dresden.

“They’ll be open from four o’clock this afternoon until eight o’clock tonight. Typically, whenever the sun goes down, the heat adversaries go along with it,” said Wiggington.

Amidst the high temperatures, various events are scheduled over the weekend in West Tennessee. While many events continue as planned, precautions are being taken to facilitate attendee comfort. One such event is the Cruisin’ for Cancer car show on Saturday, hosted at the Women’s Clinic in Jackson.

“Our clinic will be unlocked and opened for anyone who needs to go inside to cool off at any point. We have a snow cone truck coming to try and keep people cool, and we will also have plenty of bottled water for people,” said Wiggington.

To combat the extreme heat, some recommendations include dressing appropriately, taking regular breaks during physical activity, and maintaining proper hydration.

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