Festival draws a crowd to Saltillo

SALTILLO, Tenn.—A popular BBQ festival returns to West Tennessee.

The annual Tennessee River BBQ Festival is back and was held along the banks of the Tennessee River in Saltillo.

People swarmed the festival excited to enjoy great tasting BBQ while enjoying the scenery of the Tennessee River.

A competition was held where 23 teams from eight different states competed.

“The furthest team came in from Michigan, over 600 miles to cook in this contest. The four entries that we will be judging today will be starting off with chicken, followed by ribs, pork roast, and then we end the day with beef briskets,” said Wayne Lohman, Contest Rep.

According to Lohman, the criteria for the judging is based on three different scoring systems. Those three are taste, appearance, and tenderness.

This highly anticipated event showcased the finest flavors and culinary skills in the world of BBQ.

One of the highlights of the festival was the People’s Choice BBQ Tasting, where the public was able to taste professional teams BBQ and vote for their favorites.

“It is a fun contest. The community comes out and there is a lot to see here. The cooks are doing their best for the four entries that we are talking about today. What a better venue than right here on the river,” Lohman said.

Lohman thanks everyone who played a part in making this festival a successful one.

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