Businesses look to fill job openings

JACKSON, Tenn. — Numerous businesses are grappling with the challenge of filling job openings.

As a result, there is a noticeable uptick in “now hiring” signs throughout West Tennessee.

The reasons behind this shortage are multifaceted, with various factors contributing to the current hiring difficulties.

These factors encompass working conditions, wages, parents facing a lack of child care leading to scheduling conflicts, health issues related to COVID-19, and more.

According to Erick Cuevas, the operation manager for Tulum Fresh Mexican Grill, which operates two locations in Jackson, they had to close one of their stores due to ongoing staffing challenges.

“We have been battling ever since we’ve opened it to be able to find the right staff to get it to be running the right way,” Cuevas said.

Cuevas added that, at this juncture, he is unsure if the other location will reopen.

Many other businesses are encountering similar circumstances and are seeking alternative strategies to address the issue.

Some of these approaches include raising wages and enhancing benefits. Additionally, businesses are increasing their engagement on social media and online job platforms to broaden their reach and connect with a wider pool of potential hires.

If this employment challenge persists, several businesses, particularly smaller ones, express concerns about potential closures.

To apply for positions at many of these businesses, individuals can visit their official websites, apply through third-party sites such as Indeed, or submit applications in person.

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