Gov. Bill Lee makes statement as special session ends

JACKSON, Tenn. – Governor Bill Lee released a statement after the General Assembly’s special session came to a close.

Governor Lee begins his comments by saying how important public safety is. This was the focus during the special session. He says the issue of crime rates rising is a complicated issue.

“Public safety matters to every Tennessean. It is a matter of urgency to every Tennessean. We have a rising crime problem in the country. It is one of the most complex issues that we face. But I think the goal should be simple. Tennesseans want to live in a safe neighborhood,” Lee said.

Governor Lee says that significant headway was made during this special session with four bills being passed. He also said that significant funding was focused on issues that matter to public safety.

“Improved the background check system, attacked human trafficking, made access for safe storage. We funded mental health resources across the state. We made progress,” Lee said.

Governor Lee says it is encouraging to him to see thousands of Tennesseans who have weighed in during the decision making process.

“There will always be critiques. But the credit goes to those who were in the arena. That is thousands, tens of thousands of Tennesseans who engaged in this process over the last several months. I also want to thank the members of the General Assembly that engaged in this process and helped move the ball forward,” Lee said.

Governor Lee says there is much work to do, but the work that has been done this week and the work that will be done in the future will make Tennessee a safer place.

The session ended with arguments happening between representatives on the house floor.

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