Armed Service Day highlights opportunities provided by military career

SAVANNAH, Tenn. – Hardin County High School in Savannah organized an event called Armed Service Day, aimed at giving juniors and seniors an in-depth understanding of the various branches of the military.

The event provided an equal opportunity for all branches to market themselves to students, highlighting the military as a promising career path.

Each branch had their own booth set up allowing students to explore and interact with representatives from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.

“Each student has the opportunity to go to each booth. We allowed the military branches to bring whatever equipment that they wanted to bring,” said Bellis May, the high school’s Career Development Coordinator.

This helped make the experience more engaging, providing a hands-on learning opportunity for the students.

The students’ overwhelming excitement and active participation throughout the day indicated the success of the event.

Many students expressed their newfound interest in military careers and appreciation for the chance to learn more about the different branches.

May told us why it is important for them to do something like this.

“To let our students know more about the military. But also, I am a big believer in America. I believe the Armed Forces is a great opportunity for students, and if this is the way that they can market this is a great opportunity,” May said.

May says that they will be making this an annual event.

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