A local organization honors its founder

JACKSON, Tenn.—An organization celebrates a historic moment in the Hub City.

The Top Ladies of Distinction Incorporated, also known as, TLOD, unveiled their new bench to commemorate their charter founder.

This bench is located in the Shirlene Mercer Park to honor Edna M. Cawthrown.

Miss Cawthrown was the charter’s founder for the Area IV TLOD organization.

Members mentioned that selecting this park was important to them because Shirlene Mercer was also a member of this organization.

Also, their “Top Teens of America” were there to assist any ladies that needed help during this event, which was an important program to the founders.

“We have to, as a people, to always make sure that we never forget those who built, not only our institutions, but those who started local organizations that turned into national movements and those who paved the way for so many of us who are younger, who are coming behind in their footsteps,” said Dorothy Wilson, National Area IV Director.

Top Ladies of Distinction also thanks the City of Jackson for being so welcoming to their organization’s celebration weekend.

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