Birth Choice preparing for annual ‘Walk for Life’ fundraiser


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JACKSON, Tenn.–One local organization is gearing up for their annual fundraiser.

Birth Choice is preparing for their ‘Walk for Life’ event coming up September 30. The family-focused event starts at 9 a.m. and will feature, games, activities, a petting zoo, and a mile and a half walk.

The fundraiser works by having participants request for friends and family to sponsor or donate to their walk or by flat donations the day of.
Birth Choice is an organization aimed at assisting parents of unplanned pregnancies.

“This is a really fun way for families, for churches, for individuals, just if you really have a heart for helping people who are facing unplanned pregnancies, or helping families if they’re going through a tough time, and helping babies, then this might be a fun thing for you to do,” said Tiffany Dawson, director of Developmental Services for Birth Choice.

Organizers say Birth Choice is hoping to raise $120,000.



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