Governor visit highlights West Tennessee’s new state park

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. – Governor Bill Lee made a stop in north Madison County at a new local state park as part of his statewide conservation tour. 

Lee has made it one of his top priorities to improve and expand state parks throughout the state. 

By doing so he and his team have added four additional state parks. 

The Middle Fork Bottoms Park spans more than 800-acres with six lakes throughout the park in Three Way. 

Greer Tidwell, with the Bureau of Conservation, talked about the significance of this park.

“So what is part of what is so special about this park — Middle Fork Bottoms — is it is designed to get people of the community to essentially fall in love with Middle Fork of the Forked Deer River,” Tidwell said.

Lee also highlighted making life accessible for those with physical disabilities as well as for Tennesseans who have never been to parks after receiving a letter from one family.

“Their daughter who was in a wheelchair could come to Tennessee, and they can go to the state park and their kid could hike as if it were for the first time and how important that was to his family,” Lee said.

During his tour, Michael Champagne was introduced as the new park ranger. He has the job of ensuring that things run smoothly at this state park.

Champagne says there are new amenities offered throughout the park.

“We have plans for two pretty decent size boardwalks. We also have plans for two kayak canoe launches, and I know one of them is going to be handicap accessible,” Champagne said.

During the tour, the governor also mentioned that Tennessee is a beautiful state that everyone deserves to see.

This park is one of four Lee is visiting during his statewide conservation tour. 

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