West TN Dive Team works to recover submerged vehicle

LEXINGTON, Tenn.—Dive team works to retrieve submerged vehicle.

On Saturday, September 16 the West TN Dive Rescue and Recovery Team worked with local law enforcement and others to retrieve a vehicle from Pin Oak Lake in Lexington. The vehicle was found submerged and it is unknown if any foul play was involved in its submersion.

The team worked diligently throughout the morning to retrieve the vehicle and a representative from Minor’s Towing was available to assist with the removal.

Also on site during the retrieval were officials from TWRA.

The team retrieved what appears to be a front axle of a pickup truck from the water. It is unknown how long it has been under water.

The team also located a license plate with a 1980’s era registration decal.

The West TN Dive Rescue and Recovery Team is a non-profit organization that works to support emergency service organizations or local governments in any event that occurs on, or in the waters of West Tennessee.

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