Dresden Deals with Water Loss

“3.86 percentage points over the accepted water loss.” Only a few points over and the state is cracking down, city recorder Jennifer Branscam is watching every drop of water that is being used on city property. “I think the state is wanting to make us more aware of how much water were actually using and being able to account for the water:” The city owns the local water plant so city owned property has never needed to pay their water bills. “Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. “Your just transferring money from one department to another,” said Branscam. Even though the state is not forcing Dresden to foot the bill, they do set a limit on the amount of water that can be used.” Even though we aren’t getting revenue from that, it’s still water being used by the city and must be documented.” Using percentage points, the state allows cities like Dresden to use no more than 35 percent of water to run city property, the state is only handing out a warning this time, if the city can prove they are working to fix the problem. Dresden public works employee, Ricky Bailey helped to put meters in every city building, so accurate water usage can be documented, all in efforts to keep from raising everyone’s water bills. “If we are not getting the revenue we need to operate on a stand alone basis then we have to take measures to correct that, increase in water rates or fees,” said Branscam. The city will be audited again on June 30, if Dresden goes over the amount of water allowed again, they run the risk of the state taking over.

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