First Day of School Brings Changes

The controversial shuffle around of Jackson-Madison County elementary students finally took place Tuesday as the first day of school got underway. South Elementary School officials said they took in about 60 transfer students from the former Bemis Elementary. It is one of three Jackson-Madison County elementary schools that Bemis students are adjusting to. This comes after the school board made the decision to move students from the former Parkview Montesori School to the Bemis campus. Teachers said they were prepared for the change and students seemed to respond just fine. “We made sure and put name plates on their desks so they knew, ‘I’m in the right place, this is my desk.’ All the teachers stand outside the door, greet the students so they feel welcome,” said 5th grade teacher Chelsea Bergeron. According to the school’s principal, the former Bemis students were divided and zoned to three different schools. However, parents have the option to choose which one of those they prefer their child to attend as long as they provide the transportation.

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