Small Business Advocte Speaks at Rotary

This video is no longer available.

Business owners got a chance to learn how to make state government more responsive to small businesses. Lauren Plunk, a small business advocate explained how the office can serve businesses with 50 employees or less. Plunk explained who owners can contact when they have questions about what department they need to speak with in state government , or if they are experiencing difficulties working with a state agency or office. Plunk said her office can also answer questions or provide information about owning and operating a small business. “If they do run into a challenge short of taking the time out of running their business to deal with just seems sort of impractical to them. So, turning it over to me and letting me do all the leg work for them should hopefully free them up to be doing what they need to be doing,” said Lauren Plunk, a Small Business Advocate] The Tennessee General Assembly created the office last year to assist business owners with 50 employees or less.

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