Danny Hultzen shines in Generals Uniform

This video is no longer available.

All season long the spotlight has been on Danny Hultzen. But, what else would you expect from the 2nd overall pick from last year’s draft. To most 22 year olds, the pressure could be overwhelming. Not for Hultzen. “Pressure is a privilege,” Hultzen said. “I take it as flattering. My natural personality is to shy away from attention so its been had to pay it much attention but Ive enjoyed it.” And the Generals fans have enjoyed it as well. Hultzen’s 1.19 ERA is not only the best in the minors but in all of professional baseball. “Someone told me about that the other day and I was shocked because I had no idea,” Hultzen said. “Its pretty cool. You can’t think about it while your out there.” Danny’s performance on the mound has many thinking it wont be long before he gets the call to the big show. But when your in the middle of a season with one team, you cant be thinking about another. “The other day we saw Steven Pryor make his debut,” Hultzen said. “I think everyone thought that could be me someday. Little things like that I think about but don’t play it over and over.” For now “The Incredible Hultz” is focused on his time in Jackson, and making the start in this years All-Star game. But when that call comes, and it will, he’ll be ready. “It would be exciting to move on,” Hultzen said. “Whether that happens tomorrow or five weeks from now it doesn’t matter. It will happen when it happens.”

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