Woman: Same Foot Fetish Stalker 20 Years Ago

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HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. – A man accused of stalking women for their feet and trying to massage them is now the focus of another claim by a victim who says the same thing happened to her 20 years ago. Genice Williams said she was sitting in a downtown parking lot when a man jumped into her car and demanded to see her feet. She said she was afraid and placed one foot over the divider between the driver and passenger seats. “It was summertime. He took my sandal off and he out a stocking, a knee-high stocking on my foot and then he started massaging my foot,” said Williams. Williams said she was scared to death of him and she didn’t know if he had a gun. “I saw this lady walk by and I know it was my chance to do something so I just opened my door and screamed as loud as I could and he just jumped out of my car and ran,” said Williams. Williams said that man was Donald Morrow. He was charged with trespassing and stalking in Jackson, Wednesday, in connection with an incident involving his neighbor. Williams says she knows he is the same man because a man passing by after the attack identified him. “This one guy spoke up and he says that damn Donald. He said, ‘Somebody is going to kill him one of these days about that mess,'” said Williams. Williams said she was afraid to speak up before because she was afraid no one would believe her. But she changed her mind after seeing his latest arrest on 7 Eyewitness News. “I knew I needed to tell somebody my story because if my story can help someone else it could save someone else life you know,” said Williams.

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