Man Walking 1,000 Miles to Washington, D.C.

MILAN, Tenn.- A West Tennessee man is walking nearly 500 miles to push for change in Washington. Ernest Lee is treking from Memphis to Washington D.C. as part of his ‘Thousand Mile March for Liberty’. Lee walks and bikes around 15 miles per day and made his way through Milan, Wednesday afternoon. His goal is to see change in the federal government. He said someone had to take a stand and there was no better person than himself for the job. “There are so many people I’m running into that are so frustrated and everybody’s thinking. ‘why doesn’t somebody do something?’ Well, I realized I am somebody, so I’m getting busy,” said Ernest Lee, a Thousand Mile Marcher. Lee’s journey began on the Fourth of July at Veterans Park in Bartlett and will end on Labor Day in Washington, D.C.

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