Knoxville Zoo looking for red panda cub names

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – The Knoxville Zoo is looking for names for two 11-week-old red panda cubs.

The boy and girl were born June 1 to first-time mother Scarlett.

Names can be submitted on the zoo’s website through Aug. 28. After a panel chooses a list of finalists, voting will begin on Aug. 31. Ballots cost $1 and all proceeds go to benefit the zoo animals.

According to the zoo, the pandas will be registered in an international studbook and traded among accredited zoos for breeding purposes.

The pandas’ names reflect upon the zoo and community where the panda was born, so the zoo asks entrants to consider names that relate to the pandas’ wild habitat or the Knoxville community.

All total, 106 endangered red pandas have been born at the Knoxville Zoo.